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FTL Trucking

FTL Trucking: Canada To US Shipping FTL Trucking

FTL Freight Shipping

FTL refers to Full Truck Load where the truck would carry the load of only one shipper irrespective of whether the goods occupy the entire truck space or not. FTL freight shipping is preferred as it dispels concerns about the safety and security of the goods. You can send high valued and sensitive goods through FTL without any second thoughts. As the truck space is not shared with others, you need not worry about any mix-up or goods changing hands or the goods being stuck with other goods. When shipping goods from Toronto to California, for instance, you can rest assured that the goods would reach the destination at the time informed by the FTL carrier. At PROWAY Freight Systems, which is one of the leading transportation companies in Canada, we understand the role of trucking companies in delivering value to clients. Hence, we provide both FTL and LTL shipping in Canada. This helps us to provide competitive trucking quotes to businesses of all sizes.

The PROfessional W/AY to FTL Trucking

In Canada, transportation companies like PROWAY have succeeded in creating a name for themselves in FTL logistics by delivering on their promise of becoming a trusted logistics partner. We deliver the goods entrusted in our care without any damage. We guarantee the complete safety of the shipment by sealing the truck once the goods are loaded. Hence, we are the top choice for clients who need to ship valuable goods, raw materials, sensitive or hazardous materials. Unlike other Toronto trucking companies, the highly skilled and experienced shipping experts at PROWAY do proper planning and implement effective measures to improve logistics management. As part of it, all the facilities required to transport freight efficiently are arranged. And if not, we ensure to make arrangements to meet your FTL freight requirements within no time. So, when shipping from Toronto or any other place in Canada or US, if you need a dry van or a reefer, we assure you that we will quickly arrange for it.

Besides, we have a strategic network of terminals that provides a nationwide presence for shippers transporting freight across Canada or cross-border freight between Canada and the US. We have a strong presence in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. In Canada, our terminal network provides access to all the major cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto, and Halifax.

We have a specialized team of professionals

To add value and efficiency to your business, it is important to ensure that the Toronto trucking company that you associate with has the manpower, experience, and knowledge to provide strategic freight transport. At PROWAY, we use high-quality trucks and employ skilled drivers who stick to timelines and ensure safe and secure freight transport. We always put our clients first as their business is important to us. When it comes to freightway trucking, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Hence, we offer customized solutions to meet individual needs. Thus, the knowledge and expertise of our team of professionals gained from the experience of working for various transport companies in Toronto and other parts of Canada have helped PROWAY to become one of the leading trucking companies in Toronto.

Benefits of PROWAY FTL Trucking

  • Prompt and accurate trucking quote
  • Proven track record of successful, reliable, and comprehensive services
  • Cargo delivery strictly according to the agreed terms
  • Assured equipment quality
  • Regular service throughout the east coast and also to and from California
  • Competitive freight quotes in Canada and to Canada.
  • Skilled, experienced, and committed
  • Hazardous, time-sensitive, and valuable material handling expertise

By associating with our FTL and LTL trucking company, you can greatly increase your return on investment and thereby meet your business goals.

The Benefits of PROWAY FTL Trucking

  • FTL trucking services throughout Canada to US
  • PROWAY-qualified carrier network
  • Regular service throughout east coast
  • Regular service to and from California
  • Facilities in the US and Canada from east to west
  • Experienced staff with custom solutions for all forms of ftl freight
  • Hazardous material expertise